Playing Deal or No Deal Online

Want to play Deal or No Deal instead of just watch? You could audition for the show, or you could just play online. In fact, Deal or No Deal is quite a popular game on the net. Online casinos offer it as a gambling game where you can win real money (though not as much as the real TV show). You can also play for fun, where you pay nothing and there is no real money involved.

Most Deal or No Deal games online try to replicate the experience of the real show, by using the same logo, music and graphics. There are also a number of variations on Deal or No Deal, including bingo, slot machine games and more. Here is a list of Deal or No Deal games that you can play online today.

American Game

There are a number of places where you can play the American version of the game online. At GSN, you can play the game if you are logged in. NBC, Ziggy Games and Supergames24 let you play without logging in, but the graphics appear to be lower-quality and the experience doesn’t quite match that of the real TV show.

Note that all of the American games are just for fun. There is no gambling involved and you can’t win real prizes. The Deal or No Deal games that you will find in online casinos are all based on the British version.

British Game

The British version of the game can be played at a number of online destinations, for fun or for real money. It has an authentic look and feel, with the same logo, graphics and music as the real TV show.

Unusually, there are 26 boxes instead of the 22 that the TV show uses. This may be because most countries (including the U.S.) use 26 briefcases or boxes.

If you choose to play for real money, you place a bet and the possible prize values will be based upon the amount you bet, ranging up to 10 times your bet. Because it’s a gambling game, only 18+ players are allowed to place a bet. Of course, you can always choose to play for fun and this costs nothing.

Play the game at any of the following online casinos:

Australian Game

The Australian game is less common online. YouPlay is the only known place where the game can be played. The game uses the Australian case values, but the look and feel matches the American version of the show (e.g. silver briefcases instead of gold).

This game does not involve real money, but you can win credits toward your YouPlay account.

Deal or No Deal Jackpot (UK)

Deal or No Deal Jackpot is a variation on the regular British game. As with the regular game, you can play for fun or for real money, and there are 26 boxes instead of 22.

This game is actually identical to the regular game, but with one difference. You can place “side bets” on the possible case values to bet on what’s in your box, and you can also bet on the value of your next bank offer. At the end of the game, there is a Jackpot round if you are left with a box that contains one of the 5 Jackpot tokens.

The game can be played at any of the following casinos. Further details on how the game works are available before you play.

Deal or No Deal Instant Win

Another variation on the British game, Deal or No Deal Instant Win is a “scratchcard-style game”. It resembles the regular game less because there are only 22 boxes and their values are not necessarily pre-determined.

The goal is to open a certain number of boxes containing a certain amount, and then you will win that amount. The higher the amount, the more boxes you will need to open containing it. Instead of bank offers, you will get offers to play the “blue box” game, which will give you the chance to win a random prize amount if one of three blue boxes contains it.

You can play the game at the Ladbrokes online casino, where you will also find more detailed information on how to play.

Deal or No Deal Bingo

This is an online casino that features bingo versions of the British Deal or No Deal. There are a number of variations, and a schedule that will inform you about when you can play. The site also has an active community, and you can take part in Deal or No Deal bingo tournaments.

As well as the bingo, there is also a selection of other Deal-themed casino games, including The Banker’s Riches and The Money Ladder.

Other Games

There are even more variations on the British game, listed at the official Deal or No Deal website. These include Swap or No Swap and even a 3D version of the game!

There is also a selection of Deal or No Deal apps that you can download to your smartphone or tablet, and a version that you can download to your PC.

Finally, there are Deal or No Deal slot machines. These are not only real machines inside casinos, but also virtual games that you can play online. Like the traditional game, you can win real money or choose to play for fun. There is a British version called The Banker’s Riches, and a similar American version called Deal or No Deal Slots.