Auditioning for Deal or No Deal

To become a contestant on Deal or No Deal, you must go through the audition process. This may include interviews, group games and other tests to make sure you’re good on camera. Contestants are selected from the auditionees based on personality and enthusiasm.

In the UK, you have the alternative option of being an audience member who can sit back and watch the action without being part of it. This option is not available in Australia, because all 150 audience members are contestants too.


In Australia, auditions are held in Melbourne as this is where the show is filmed. To apply for an audition, you must submit a form online while applications are open, and you will be contacted regarding an audition. Contestants are selected based on personality, and the purpose of the audition is to identify who is the most outgoing.

If you don’t live in Melbourne, you are permitted to submit your audition online, provided that you can make it to Melbourne for the filming should you be accepted. You will need to provide a photo of yourself and answer various questions about your life, personality and how you plan to spend your winnings.

There are conditions, including a requirement to be over 18 and a citizen of Australia. Applicants can’t be employees of the broadcaster or producer of the show, nor close relations of these employees. You will only receive your prize if your episode is broadcasted.


There are three stages of the audition process in the UK. The first step is to submit a form online while applications are open. If they are currently closed, you can sign up to be notified by email when they open. If you are successful, you will receive a “bronze ticket” inviting you to an audition.

This audition is the second stage, which involves individual and group activities. Successful auditionees will receive a “silver ticket” and move on to stage 3. This is another audition that involves being interviewed on camera. Selected interviewees will receive a “golden ticket” and a place on the show.

You can also get tickets to be in the studio audience.

For more information on auditioning for the Australian and UK versions of Deal or No Deal, read through this article.

North America

Both the U.S. and Canada versions of the show have been cancelled, so you can’t audition for these. Sorry!